Legislative Branch

All legislative political authority of the Non-Removable Mille Lacs Bands of Chippewa Indians shall be vested in the Legislative Branch of government. The Legislative Branch of government shall be known as the Band Assembly. It shall be comprised of the duly elected representatives of the legislative districts of the Mille Lacs Reservation. Each District shall elect one representative. The Districts are as follows: District 1 Nay-Ah-Shing, District 2, Mi ni Si na kwang, Chi MI ni sing, Sandy Lake, and Minnewawa, District 3 Ah Sho Moog. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the leader of the Band Assembly. The Secretary-Treasurer shall exercise his/her legislative duties under the title "Speaker of the Assembly." The Secretary-Treasurer shall exercise his/her financial duties under the title "Secretary of Treasury." Unless otherwise specified by Band Statute, all legislative authority of the Mille Lacs Reservation Business Committee shall be exercised by the Band Assembly. The Band Assembly is and shall be the body referred to in the Constitution as the Reservation Business Committee.

§ 6. Powers and duties of Speaker of Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly shall be the leader of the Legislative Branch of Government and have the following authority in exercising said authority of government:

(a)(1) To convene the Assembly for due cause at any time. In the event that he/she shall fail to do so upon request of any two District Representatives, the Assembly may be convened after 48 hours notice by any member of the Band Assembly.

(2) To be considered as a member of the Assembly for purposes of establishing a quorum.

(3) To require the prompt recording of the Assembly's acts and deeds.

(4) To schedule all special hearings of the Assembly upon request of any two District Representatives

(5) To have the powers of authorization for issuance of all subpoenas and official documents on behalf of the Band Assembly; and

(6) To maintain order in all sessions of the Band Assembly.

(b) He/she shall not be a voting member of the Assembly.