Tribal Court

Mille Lacs Band Court of Central Jurisdiction

The Tribal Court consists of a Court of Appeals and a District Court. The Appeals Court consists of an Associate Justice from each of the reservation’s three districts, one of these being the Chief Justice. The Appeals Court handles any appeals from the District Court, which is presided over by the District Court Judge. The District Court hears all civil cases, including traffic and natural resource violations, small claims, family cases, juvenile justice cases, and more. All justices are appointed by the Band’s Chief Executive and ratified by the Band Assembly to serve six-year terms.


43408 Oodena Drive
Onamia, MN 56359
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Fax: 320-532-3153

Tribal Court Calendar

During inclement weather, please call 1-800-709-6445 to determine if the Government Center is closed or has a delay opening. If the government center is closed due to inclement weather, the Tribal Court will also be closed. If this occurs, the cases on the calendar for the day will be rescheduled and notices will be sent. When the Mille Lacs Band Government Center is delayed for opening, such as a two-hour late start, any cases scheduled prior to that will be heard upon opening.

Judiciary Fee Schedule
Precedent Case Laws
Child Support Enforcement Program

Rayna Churchill
Chief Justice
Associate Justice for Court of Appeals, District III

Ramona Applegate
Associate Justice for Court of Appeals, District II

David S. Christensen
District Court Judge

Tribal Court Staff

Gilda Burr
Court Administrator


Brett Haskin
Bailiff Officer/Process Server


Melissa Taylor
Court Clerk II - Custody, Child Guardianship and Welfare


Brooke Sher
Assistant Court & Administrative Clerk


Kitty Johnson
Court Clerk I - Civil, Order for Protection, Harassment, Electric and Employment Appeals


Laurie Vilas
Tribal Court Peacemaker


Jill Tompkins
Staff Attorney


Kristine Starr
Clerk of Court I - Adoption, Child Support, Dissolution of Marriage, Adult Guardianship, Name Change, and Probate


Tina Merrill
Court Clerk II - Truancy, Unlawful Detainers, Criminal, Natural Resource and Traffic


Special Magistrate

B.J. Jones
Joe Plumer
Tammy Swanson

Guardian ad Litem

Dixie Kamimura
K.C. Paulson
Pam Chichila
Michelle Peer
Jessica Gilder-Schwartz
Jeannie Reams
Cynthia Bahe

Admission to the Mille Lacs Band Bar

Mille Lacs Band Bar/Attorney Information Forms
(When applying for admission, please complete both the application and the status/update form.)

Admission to Practice Information – Form A
Mille lacs Band Bar Application – Form B
Attorney Status / Update Doc – Form C