Human Services

Human Services includes the Elder Services Program, Victim Services, Elder Abuse Program, Women’s Shelter, Sexual Assault Program, Community Advocates, Food Distribution, Food Shelf, Emergency Loan Program, Waivered Services, and Family Services.

The Food Distribution Program (FDPIR/Commodities) has a new cellphone number, 320-630-8362. Due to position vacancy, during this time, please send requests/orders to Dean Reynolds at 320-362-4672

Emergency Services Form 2024
Food Distribution Program Application


The services provided by Elder Services are Social Nutrition, Congregate and Home Delivery, Elder/Disabled Energy Program, Information and Referrals, Advocacy and Outreach on Elder Services only, Elder Activities and Educational Conferences, and Wisdom Steps.


To apply for the lunch program, contact the Elder Services Office or pick up a one-page application at any of the Assisted Living Units in one of the Mille Lacs Band outer three districts.


The Elder Energy Program was designed to provide MLB Elders/disabled with financial assistance to pay their utilities if they fall behind financially and have exhausted the State Energy Program.

To apply for the Energy Program, contact the Elder Energy Technician or pick up an application at any of the Assisted Living Units in one of the Mille Lacs Band districts listed. If you are pre-enrolled or have been a participant, applications will be mailed to you automatically annually.

For more information, please contact our office at 320-532-7532 or 320-532-7854.

Victim Services

Kristen Allord
Victim Service Director
Office: 320-532-7793
Cell: 320-630-2677
Fax: 320-207-4779
Address: 18562 Minobimaadizi Loop
Onima, MN 56359

Community Advocates

24/7 Crisis Line

Direct Services Coordinator
Cell: 320-630-2691 or 320-336-0214

Sexual Assault Advocate

Women’s Shelter Office

Women’s Shelter Manager

Elder Abuse Advocate

Victims of Crime Coordinator
Cell: 320-364-3568

Victims of Crime Advocate
Cell: 320-362-1416 or 320-630-3853

Domestic Abuse Transformation Program
Cell: 320-532-7793