Department of Administration

The Department of Administration is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (MLBO) tribal government, including administering grants and contracts and overseeing all personnel issues and lobbying activities as directed by the Chief Executive.

The department is supervised by the Commissioner of Administration, who is appointed by the Chief Executive and ratified by the Band Assembly.

The Commissioner oversees the Assistant Commissioner of Administration, the Commissioner of Community Development, the Commissioner of Health & Human Services, and the Commissioner of Natural Resources. The Commissioner serves as chief of staff to the Chief Executive, Melanie Benjamin, and oversees day-to-day operations of the tribal government, including fiscal responsibilities, human resources, grant development, and oversight.

The Assistant Commissioner of Administration acts in a deputy-level capacity to the Commissioner of Administration to help manage the day-to-day operations of the MLBO tribal government. Duties include managing human resources, finances, and contracts for the Executive Branch of the MLBO tribal government. The Assistant Commissioner will also act as Commissioner of Administration when the Commissioner is absent and will assist other commissioners with day-to-day operations as needed.

Moose, Samuel
Commissioner of Administration

Costello, Maria
Assistant Commissioner of Administration

Oehrlein, Angel
Senior Executive Assistant

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is responsible for posting current job openings with the Band’s government and completing employment verifications and background and driver’s license checks.

Job Openings
For a list of current job openings, click here. For a list of current job openings at Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley, please see

Fringe Benefits and Workers' Compensation
MLBO employees can contact the department with any questions about their health, dental, and life insurance plans, disability coverage, and 401(k) plan.

Personnel Policies
MLBO employees can contact the department with any questions about the Band government’s personnel policies or download a copy of Mille Lacs Band Personnel Policy and Procedures

The Department of Administration oversees operation of all MLBO tribal government facilities, including community centers, schools, clinics, and assisted living units.

For a complete list of facilities, please see Tribal Government Facilities

The community centers offer numerous programs and services to youth, adults, and Elders in their communities. Specific programs and services are listed separately under the appropriate department. Please contact community centers directly at the numbers below.

Information Systems Department
The Information Systems Department is responsible for the computers, computer networks, and telephone systems throughout the MLBO tribal government center, community centers, clinics, and the Urban Office.

Notary Services
Notary Publics attest to or certify writings to make them authentic and official. Notary public services are offered free of charge to Mille Lacs Band members.

Self-Governance Office
The Self-Governance Office is responsible for monitoring and implementing permanent self-governance laws within the United States Department of the Interior and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Child Support Enforcement
The Child Support Enforcement Program assists Mille Lacs Band members through the legal process of child support, including the determination of child support obligations and enforcing those obligations.

Grants Department
Grant funds received by the MLBO support important programs and services for its community. These funds allow MLBO to extend pre-existing services, introduce new initiatives, gain technological advances, and subsidize programmatic staffing. Grant funds are dispersed throughout MLBO and impact a variety of efforts, including social services, public safety, public health, youth programming, education, natural resource management, and heritage resource management, among others.

The Grants Department’s role is to work in conjunction with MLBO Commissioners and their designated Project Directors to develop, implement, and maintain meaningful grant oversight and coordination for MLBO, thereby increasing grant-related revenue, limiting MLBO’s exposure to grant-related legal liability, and improving the efficiency and impact of programs and services funded through grants.

Aanjibimaadizing provides a comprehensive system of employment assistance, counseling, training, and education to promote healthy life choices, appropriate work habits, and relevant skills for success in tribal or non-tribal public or private work places. The goal of Aanjibimaadizing is to empower low-income Mille Lacs Band members and their families to end dependency on assistance and to achieve a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Urban Office
The Band’s Urban Office exists to provide programs and services to Band members living in the Urban Area.

Services available at the Urban Office include Band hunting and fishing licenses, referrals for traditional healing and other services, notices of meetings and other events, and forms related to Band enrollment, insurance, loans, tribal identification, emergency assistance, scholarships, and other services.

Please see the Urban Office page for more information.