Family Services

The Family Services Department provides social services to Mille Lacs Band members and American Indians who reside in the identified service areas of the Band.

Most Family Services offices are currently located at:
18562 Minobimaadizi Loop
Onamia, MN, 56359

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Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Office closed 12 – 1 p.m.

For after hour calls or emergencies please use the on-call number: 320-630-2444

Rachel Shaugobay
Director Of Family Services
Cell: 320-630-5798

Kristina Abear
Office Manager
Office: 320-532-1722


The Child Protection Services program conducts child protection investigations on all neglect and abuse complaints within the Band’s jurisdiction. The Child Protection Case Management program provides ongoing child welfare case management and prevention services to Band members, first-generation descendants, and American Indians within the Band’s designated service area. The Indian Child Welfare program monitors the welfare of all Band children and first-generation descendants outside the Band’s designated service area under the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Mille Lacs Band Statutes Title VIII — Children and Families. See Chapter 13: Child/Family Protection.

Matrious, Connie
Child Protection Supervisor
Office:320-532-4163 Ext. 1743


This program conducts in-depth assessments and screenings of all child welfare reports. Staff members also provide referrals on behalf of clients to internal and external agencies to meet the specific needs of each client.



The Family Services Department offers several supportive services for open and active cases in the department. These services include:

  • Parent assistant: One-on-one parenting assistance using the Positive Indian Parent Model
  • Tutor: One-on-one educational assistance
  • Mentor: One-on-one positive role model for youth
  • Crisis stabilizer: One-on-one crisis support
  • Job coach: One-on-one formal employment assistance
  • Independent life skills coach: One-on-one formal assistance in developing independent life skills
  • Transporter: Assists with transportation requests
  • Benefits assistant: Assists families who need to enroll in Medicaid and Medicare
  • Homemaker: Assists with general and light homemaking needs

(These services are for open and active cases only.)


This program licenses and trains foster care providers within the Band’s designated service area. Any American Indian or community member with strong ties to the Mille Lacs Band may apply to become a licensed foster care provider.

The Independent Living and Life Skills program provides child welfare support services to Band members, first-generation descendants, and American Indians who are 14–21 years old and live within the designated service area of the Band. It also provides independent living assistance to Band members, first-generation descendants, and American Indians who are 16–21 years old and live within the Band’s designated service area.

Jordan MacDonald
Foster Care Supervisor
Cell: 320-362-4734

Candace Shaugobay
Cell: 320-362-4744

Chelsea Rhodes
Cell: 320-630-5778

Twyla Sam
Cell: 320-630-4613

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