Enrolling 7 Generations

Enrolling 7 Generations (E7G):

October 2023 Zoom Meetings Powerpoint Presentation

The MLB Blood Quantum Study

Slide Show about Results from 2022 MCT Non-Binding Referendum about Enrollments. This is a slide show that Chief Executive Benjamin used at community meetings in each District and on Zoom meetings that reported the results of the MCT 2022 Non-Binding Referendum. The Referendum was used to inform the TEC about whether MCT Members are interested in changing enrollment criteria.

Blood Quantum Explainer (click to view video)

2013 Wilder Population Projections by Band for the MCT
Letter from President Deschampe


Methodology Report, with 10 year projections

Population Study Inaajimowin Version (click to download document)

2013 Number of Completed Surveys by Band (click to download PDF)

MCT Letter from President Deschampe (click to download PDF)

2013 Wilder Study’s Projected Changes over 100 years, by Band, if NO Changes are Made to current blood quantum requirements for enrollment

Download Study

Chief Executive Melanie Benjamin Talks about the Wilder Foundation Survey in this video Tuesday, September 5 2023.

MCT Tribal Executive Committee (TEC) Resolutions
TEC Resolution 32-15 (click to download PDF)
TEC Resolution 31-15 (click to download PDF)