46569 Alma Razor Rd Rehab

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Community Development office will be accepting sealed lump sum bids for a residential renovation project located at 46569 Alma Razor Rd, Hinckley, MN. Bids will be due Wednesday May 25, 2022 at 3:00 PM. Bids received will be opened and qualified by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe on Thursday May 26, 2022 at 9:00 AM.

A mandatory Pre-Bid site visit will be held on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at approximately 1 p.m. or immediately following the prebid site visits held in East Lake, whichever occurs sooner.

General Notes:

  1. It is the Contractors responsibility to identify any and all discrepancies in the scope of work, not meeting Industry Standards or that which is inconsistent with the International Residential Code (IRC), and Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe 2016 MLB Project Specification Book.
  2. All electrical wiring, apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat and power, technology circuits or systems shall comply with the rules of the Department of Commerce or the Department of Labor and Industry, as applicable, and be installed in conformity with accepted standards of construction for safety to life and property.
  3. Contractor must reconnect all utilities, service panel or service feed. Also includes gas, propane. Include such equipment or materials identified in the pre-bid conference.
  4. Contractor will secure all permits and fees.
  5. Contractor is responsible for a thorough investigation of the scope of work.
  6. Contractor will repair any damage to the property or structure created by the scope of work.

Work Scope Description: Unless otherwise noted all work shall be completed according to the 2016 MLB Spec Book.

46569 Alma Razor Rd

  1. Foundation excavation, floodproofing, insulation flashing, backfill as follows:
    a. Demo front and rear decks.
    b. Excavate around the perimeter of the foundation. Excavate to footing depth and remove backfilled materials. Include excavation width of 10’ in front of the house under the existing front deck; and 10’ width from rear entry door back to rear foundation wall (under planned concrete slabs).
    c. Remove and dispose of existing fabric tucked under coil stock.
    d. Thoroughly cleanoff exterior of the ICF forms.
    e. Supply and install foam board insulation of same R-value and width to adhere in areas where the outside insulation has broke off the ICF forms.
    f. Supply and install Polywall floodproofing to ICF forms. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
    g. Supply and install 6 mil poly over the waterproofing to be tucked under new metal drip edge and coil stock.
    h. Create 2” metal drip edge, supply and install along with coil stock per Base Metal flashing detail in the 2016 Spec Book. Coil stock shall extend 6” below grade. Metal and coil stock color: Bronze.
    i. Provide and install a vertical stack cleanout on the highest point in the existing exterior drain tile system.
    j. Demo the existing window well. Supply and install new window well that will extend above the final grade equip with affixed ladder.
    k. Import clean sand fill material for backfilling per 2016 MLB Spec Book, after foundation is waterproofed. All newly backfilled materials shall be compacted to a minimum of 102%.
    l. Contractor shall include the cost of 8 compact tests in their base bid.
    m. Contractor is responsible for removal and export of any excess soils or fill quantities that cannot be used onsite.
    n. Supply and install black dirt and seeding around the perimeter of foundation after final grading. Final grade shall be 6” below bottom of siding.
  2. Demo and replace all damaged; or supply and install any missing siding, channel, louvered vents and accessories. Supply and install new one-piece siding on all corners. All new shall match existing.
  3. Demo and replace all damaged; or supply and install any missing aluminum soffit and fascia covering. All new pieces shall match existing.
  4. Demo all existing windows and replace with Spec Thermotech vinyl windows that meet egress requirements. Windows shall be tan is color. Adjust siding to fit new windows. Install j-channel and 2” brown brick mould and caulk around perimeter. Hopper windows shall be replaced with fixed units.
  5. Supply and install all new window screens.
  6. Pressure wash, scrub and clean all siding and exterior surfaces. This should include removal of beehives.
  7. Remove and dispose of cable wires secured around the exterior of the house. Contractor shall caulk holes in the siding after removal with color matching caulk.
  8. Remove and dispose of the existing dishes installed on the roof. Contractor shall caulk screw holes or repair any damage to the roof.
  9. Demo all existing exterior light fixtures. Supply and install new Patriot Lighting dualux LED dual head motion sensor exterior fixtures model: E9201WH.
  10. Demo and replace damaged; or supply and install missing gutter and downspout components, including leaf guards.
  11. Contractor shall clean out all gutters.
  12. Demo and replace damaged; or supply and install missing concrete splashpads per Spec Book. Any existing concrete splash guards shall be reset after final grade is complete.
  13. Demo and replace front and rear entry doors and frames per Spec Book, include install of aluminum clad wrap and brick mould around perimeter. Door color: Desert Sand. Frame color: Bronze. Brick mould: Brown. Provide and install new lock sets to be keyed alike. Doors shall have satin chrome knobs.
  14. Supply and install spec storm doors to front and rear entries with chain kits. Storm door color: Bronze.
  15. Front entry patio slab. Supply and install fill and prep area to pour 8’x12’ patio slab per Spec Book. Install #4 re-bar reinforcement @ 24” o.c. Install expansion joint between foundation and patio slab. Construct 4’x4’ wood landing with 4’x12” step down, to be properly anchored to the concrete patio. Orient landing and steps to face the north. Supply and install black dirt and seed around perimeter of slab to help stabilize grade.
  16. Rear patio slab. Supply and install fill and prep area to pour 8’x10’ patio slab per Spec Book. Install #4 re-bar reinforcement @ 24” o.c. Install expansion joint between foundation and patio slab. Construct 4’x4’ wood landing with 4’x12” step down, to be properly anchored to the concrete patio. Orient landing and steps to face the back of the house. Supply and install black dirt and seed around perimeter of slab to help stabilize grade.
  17. Pour 4’ wide sidewalk from front patio slab to the end of the existing asphalt driveway. Include expansion joints at patio slab and driveway abutments. Include rebar reinforcement per Spec Book and control joints no more than every 4’.
  18. Supply and install any missing outlet box covers.
  19. Clean out intake and exhaust vents.
  20. Provide materials and labor to construct a 5’x5’ concrete pad 4” thick. Supply and install AC-Guard security cage model AC GU with AC-Guard Top Bar to be anchored with ½”x 3” Red Head anchor sleeves to the 4’x4’ pad.
  21. Supply and install new Lennox 13ACX condenser, controller and lineset. New condenser shall be set on 5’x5’ concrete pad.
  22. Supply and install any missing or damaged components to ensure proper function of exterior hose bibs.
  23. Supply and install 9-1-1 sign to be fastened to the front of the home.
  24. Well – Demo and replace well pump. Disinfect the existing well; and test for coliform bacteria and nitrates.
  25. Demo and replace any broken; or supply and install missing septic inspection pipes or caps.


  1. Contractor shall provide dehumidification throughout renovation to minimize swelling.
  2. Demo and replace all smoke detectors with spec combo smoke c/o detector to meet code compliance.
  3. Patch, texture, prime and paint all damaged interior drywall surfaces. Demo and replace any sections of drywall with heavy molding. Sand any existing drywall areas of texture or seams which do not blend-in well. Repair any noticeably damaged corners. All (new and existing) texturing to match as closely as possible. Prime all drywall with Zinsser mold killing primer. Repaint all drywall surfaces Dover White. When complete, the expectation is that all the paint and texturing looks as uniform as possible.
  4. Demo and replace any damaged; or supply and install any missing, damaged or painted receptacle and switch covers.
  5. Demo and replace all grilles, diffusers, return air covers and floor vents.
  6. Demo and replace any existing light fixtures. Supply and install all new light fixtures per Spec Book. Demo and replace trim kits on recessed lighted in the kitchen/ dining area. Install new LED bulbs throughout.
  7. Demo any existing flooring. Supply and install Congoleum Sunstone vinyl flooring underlayment on the main floor. Grind and prep subfloor for neat even finished appearance.
  8. Demo any existing stair treads. Supply and install vinyl stair treads.
  9. Demo and replace all existing baseboards. Match existing finish. Supply and install vinyl base in the bathroom and laundry rooms. Vinyl color shall be 80 Fawn.
  10. Demo and replace all existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, sink, faucet and side sprayer. Match existing finishes and hardware.
  11. Demo existing range hood. Supply and install Spec model. Include ducting to vent to the exterior and conceal.
  12. Supply and install new Whirlpool oven model# WFC150MOJW and refrigerator model# WRT311FZDW.
  13. Demo all window extension jambs. Supply and install materials and labor to finish all windows with sheetrock return jambs and cultured marble sill, include installation of drywall zip strips at window abutments. Finish sheetrock per interior item #2. Cultured Marble Selection: Dusty Sand 125.
  14. Demo and replace any damaged; or supply and install any missing millwork, trim, jambs or casing not already addressed in the work scope. If existing wood is reused, it should be free of water staining, cracking and paint. Match to existing finishes.
  15. Demo and replace stair railing and handrail.
  16. Demo any existing; supply and install all new window blinds per Spec Book.
  17. Demo cabinets in laundry room. Replace with wire shelving per Spec Book.
  18. Demo any existing shelving. Supply and install wire shelving throughout per Spec Book.
  19. Thoroughly clean all window surfaces.
  20. Demo and replace all pre-hung interior doors, frames and hardware. Stained to match existing finishes. Hardware finish shall be satin chrome. Doors shall receive knobs.
  21. Adjust all interior doors.
  22. Supply and install door-stops throughout.
  23. Bathroom:
    a. Demo and replace bath fan with Panasonic FV-05-11VKSL2 model, vented to the exterior. Include Condensation Module FV-CSVK1
    b. Demo and replace bath vanity and cultured marble top. Match existing finishes.
    c. Demo and replace sink faucet.
    d. Demo and replace toilet stool.
    e. Thoroughly clean existing tub/ shower surround and re-caulk.
    f. Demo and replace shower trim set.
    g. Demo any existing; and supply and install bath accessories per Spec Book.
  24. Basement:
    a. Demo all existing sheetrock and existing suspended ceiling. (Note: interior walls on each side of the stairs shall have sheetrock on the side facing the stairs.)
    b. Spray ICF forms with Concrobium or other approved mold removal product. Clean off walls per product instructions.
    c. Coat ICF forms with an appropriate mold inhibitor.
    d. Supply and install 6 mil poly slip sheet and seal to the forms.
    e. Demo existing insulation around the rim joist. Replace with spray foam. Insulate to R-value of 21.
    f. Supply and install CDX plywood on all exterior and mechanical room walls.
    g. Supply and install drywall on the ceiling. Include construction of a chase where the ductwork hangs lower. Tape, texture and finish per interior work scope item #3.
    h. Leave floor unfinished.
    i. Demo egress window extension jambs and trim. Supply and install pvc trim for new extension jambs. Include spray foam after install.
  25. Supply and install any missing or damaged ductwork.
  26. Demo and replace furnace and A-coil.
  27. Contractor shall supply and install new furnace thermostat model: Honeywell T6 Pro Series TH6210U2001.
  28. Include the cost of replacing all damaged or removed electrical wiring throughout the home. Including junction boxes and all new feeds from the panel.
  29. Include the cost of replacing all removed copper plumbing. Wherever possible, contractor shall install PEX to replace.
  30. After making plumbing changes and repairs, contractor shall test water system for leaks and notify owner of any issues.
  31. Insulate exposed plumbing pipes in mechanical room per Spec Book.
  32. Demo and replace water heater.
  33. Demo and replace well pressure tank.
  34. Demo and replace sump pump.
  35. Demo and replace sewage ejector pump.
  36. Demo and replace water softener. Complete a water conditioning test and set softener hardness accordingly.
  37. Service existing HRV unit.
  38. Supply and install new HRV controller.
  39. Thoroughly clean all interior surfaces.
  40. Contractor shall have all ductwork cleaned.
  41. Include a $10,000 contingency allowance to be used at Owner’s discretion for needed repairs discovered after the project has commenced. No work shall be compensated if it was not approved by the Owner prior to completion.
  42. Contractor shall include 0.5% TERO tax fee in base bid. Submission of receipt for paid TERO fee is required with application for final payment.
  43. Construction shall be permitted through the MLBO.
  44. Housing will maintain utilities throughout construction.

Specified Product Substitutions: All proposed product substitutions must be approved by the Project Coordinator 5 days prior to bid. Any approved substitutions, will be made available to all bidders.

Interested bidders shall contact either Carla Dunkley at 320-630-2495 or by email at carla.dunkley@millelacsband.com to be included on the bidder’s list in the event that any addendums are issued for this project.

Mobilization and Project Schedule:

  1. The Contractor shall be capable of mobilizing his equipment, crews, and subcontractors within 30 days of a fully executed contract.
  2. Project will be substantially complete within 180 days of fully executed contract. Weather dependent exterior items may be allowed to exceed this timeframe with prior approval of project coordinator.
  3. General contractor expected to immediately, upon receipt of fully executed contract, source all required materials and products required for the project. Contractor must immediately notify project coordinator of items with long lead times that may impact project schedule.
  4. Contractor shall provide means and methods for all building phases of construction.
  5. Liquidated damages for exceeding specified timeframes will be in all contracts.



Bidding Notes

  1. Submit proposal in lump sum (supply and install), not to exceed amount
  2. All Contractors (including subcontractors) must comply with Davis Bacon wage requirements.
  3. All Contractors must provide the following along with their bid submittal:
    a. Completed and signed MLB Community Development Construction Bid Form
    b. Completed Schedule of Values (billing worksheet page 2)
    c. A copy of Current MLB Vendor’s License (or a copy of the submitted application)
    d. A copy of Current Insurance Certificate
    e. A copy of Subcontractor/Material Supplier list
    f. A copy of valid State of Minnesota Contractor’s License
    g. A copy of Authorized Signature Sheet (submitted with first bid submittal)
  4. All Contractors must comply with all Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe American Indian Employment requirements (see 18 MLBSA § 5). Contact Lori Trail at (320) 532-4778.

All proposals must be mailed and labeled as follows:

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Commissioner of Community Development
Sealed bid: 46459 Alma Razor Rd
PO Box 509
Onamia, MN 56359

Please note that the bids submitted via mail to the P.O. Box. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box and the Onamia post office will not accept hand delivered items. Please plan accordingly to ensure the timely receipt of your bid submittal. Do not require delivery signature.

**The Band reserves the right to reject any bid that it is unable to collect at the Onamia post office by the bid deadline date and time, provided that the Band has made diligent and reasonable efforts to collect the bid. The Band reserves this right even in the event that the bid has been postmarked before the deadline.


Firms must be licensed with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. A copy of this license (or the license application) must accompany each bid. Licensing process can take several weeks. If you are not currently licensed with the MLBO, please submit a copy of your license application along with your proposal. Contact Elizabeth Thornbloom at (320)532-8274 or via email at EThornbloom@grcasinos.com with questions regarding licensing and for the license application.

Permits: Contractors are responsible to attain all necessary permits for all work, including Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (MLBO) Permits. 46034 Alma Razor Rd will require a Pine County Shoreland permit, if Bid Alternate #1 is chosen for inclusion.

Bonding Requirements: In accordance with Mille Lacs Band Title 7 as updated in Band Ordinance 07-22. Please note that bonding requirements on Mille Lacs Band Funded Residential projects has changed.

Band Ordinance 07-22 states the following:

For all Band funded residential construction projects, a performance bond is required for contracts in excess of $100,000.00.